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Meet our artists...

Artists with The Monkey Puzzle Tree

We're here to bring art, story and character to your home.

Collaborating with a group of handpicked artists in the North of England, we translate their vision into unique designs, making our luxurious fabrics and wallpapers locally. 

We are proud to support our local creative community and we pay a generous 20% royalty to our artists to help support their work.

Josephine McYebuah 

We collaborated with Josephine on our latest regal wallpaper design, Blues Fantasia . Read more about her here

Josephine McYebuah artist with The Monkey Puzzle Tree


Kirsty Greenwood

'I ruminate on the subject...Letting my mind and subconscious work together to produce an idea of the kind of image I’d like to create.'  Read more...


Kirsty Greenwood artist with The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Drew Millward

 ‘I like to make work that has a final use, be that a poster, a can design, a shirt, a print… anything really, but I like to find a use for the final outcome, otherwise it feels like a frivolous waste of time.' Read more... 


Drew Millward artist with The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Sarah Jane Palmer

"What I love is that I can create design details that a glance could miss, but that a second look might reveal.' Read more...


Sarah Jane Palmer artist with The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Alexis Snell

'I like things that are a bit dark and strange and I'm always drawn to a good story.'Read more...


Alexis Snell artist with The Monkey Puzzle Tree


Joel Weaver

"I invite the viewer to study closely, and observe a world where things perhaps are not quite what they seem."Read more...


Joel Weaver artist with The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Sarah Thornton

"I aligned myself with those pioneering women artists of the past, looking at the things around me for my inspiration, nature, flowers, motifs that brought comfort and beauty into my world."Read more...


Sarah Thornton artist with The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Saima Kaur

Our latest artist Saima is currently working on a new fabric design which will be launched in 2023. Read more about Saima here

Saima Kaur artist with The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Work with The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Please contact us if you are based in the North of England and interested in being our next new artist.

In our search for diversity we welcome applications from all, regardless of race, gender, education or economic status.