Rita does Jazz
Sarah Thornton
How the Leopard got his Spots
Alexis Snell
'Body Lace'
Sarah Jane Palmer
Between Certainty and Oblivion
Joel Weaver

We are proud to announce our latest collaboration with Sarah Jane Palmer

"What I love is that I can create design details that a glance could miss, but that a second look might reveal. I am particularly interested in the immersive experience of developing patterns, animations and illusions, drawing on elements of eroticism, humour and suspense.

My erotic designs seemed to sit beautifully with the whole concept of lace, how it reveals yet at the same time conceals. The lace design is inspired by the figures depicted on a famous erotic Greek plate from the 5th century and worked into a lever lace pattern similar to that my Great Great Grandfather would have worked on over 100 years ago"

About Us

We are a design studio working with artists to create beautiful, innovative fabrics and wall coverings.

Every item is made in trusted British factories, to the highest possible standards.

Each artist receives royalties from sales of their products, helping them continue creating original, ground-breaking work in their artistic practice.


How the Leopard Lost his Spots velvet chair by Alexis Snell outside

Coming soon...

Our next collaborations, launching this autumn will be wallpapers by Alexis Snell and Sarah Jane Palmer. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to be the first to find out when these papers are available.

The Yorkshire Post on The Monkey Puzzle Tree

The Yorkshire Post on The Monkey Puzzle Tree

“The idea is to ensure that artists keep their own identity and creative freedom, while I help them develop repeat designs that work on textiles and wallpapers. It is very important that we are not too restricted by commerciality so we can push the boundaries both in terms of the art and techniques we use,”

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Michael Millward from the Culture Vulture introduces The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Michael Millward from the Culture Vulture introduces The Monkey Puzzle Tree

I was given a sneak peek at some of the other artists who will be working with The Monkey Puzzle Tree and the decoration pieces that they will be producing. That is what makes Charlotte different to her illustrious predecessor. William Morris focused on creating a style that was easily identifiable as his. Charlotte has an altogether more eclectic catalogue planned. She tells me that this is no accident, her aim is to work with a range of artists and to develop products with them that reflect how their own art work is developing without restrictions.
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