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Kirsty Greenwood

Kirsty Greenwood artist with The Monkey Puzzle Tree in her home studio

Artist Kirsty Greenwood has collaborated with The Monkey Puzzle Tree to create the stunning Metamorphosis, an unbleached linen union fabric taking inspiration from Egon Schiele and Klimt, featuring metallic comets and mysterious faces.


Charlotte first met Kirsty at college in Harrogate in the 1990’s. Kirsty was studying art and shared an eclectic sense of style and taste in music with Charlotte. Though they lost touch for a few years, thanks to social media, Kirsty’s painting ‘Pool of Tears’ taken from Alice in Wonderland caught Charlotte’s eye and they met up to discuss working together.

Pool of tears by Kirsty Greenwood

Kirsty is drawn to the darker aspects of the psyche of storytelling and our connection to mythologies, gothic folklore and fairytales, Gods and Demons and their in-between worlds. 

Inspired by pareidolia - the tendency to see faces and animals in patterns and objects and using traditional tools and materials such as ink, pen and pencil, alongside marbling as a base, Kirsty builds up a picture, picking out characters and scenes with a story in mind.

‘Work starts largely with literature in the form of a story, poem or idea. I ruminate on the subject of the writing or project before committing anything to paper, by researching aspects of the subject and letting my mind and subconscious work together to produce an idea of the kind of image I’d like to create. I typically start with a base of marbling, drawing over it, remaking and redrawing if necessary, letting providence guide me when something interesting draws my eye.’ artist Kirsty Greenwood

Watch our new video featuring Kirsty talking to Charlotte about the inspiration and making of Metamorphosis:

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