Sarah Jane Palmer

Sarah Jane Palmer with The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Sarah Jane Palmer is an artist working in multiple media to express her ideas of pattern, eroticism and sacred geometry.

"What I love is that I can create design details that a glance could miss, but that a second look might reveal.

I am particularly interested in the immersive experience of developing patterns, animations and illusions, drawing on elements of eroticism, humour and suspense."

Since her degree in Painting and Printmaking in 2004, Sarah has developed a printing and pattern-making practice, including wall coverings and original artworks.

"I'm drawn to sacred geometry in nature, the incredible craftsmanship in historical buildings, and eroticism depicted in art and history."

Very early on, Sarah was inspired to pursue a collaboration with Charlotte.

"Working with Charlotte has been a real pleasure. Since we met at a networking event, I felt an instant connection; her drive and enthusiasm meant we could work together to achieve a truly exciting result.” 

"Body Lace" and "Maîtrise" are the results of this creative partnership, both designs which play on what people think they are seeing but that at a second glance reveal something more.

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