About The Monkey Puzzle Tree

The Monkey Puzzle Tree is a design studio working with artists to create beautiful, innovative fabrics and wall coverings.

Passion Flower wallpaper and How the Leopard got his Spots Arts and Crafts chair by Alexis Snell for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

We create interior products which push aesthetic boundaries through our collaborations with independent artists. Each artist receives royalties from sales of their products, helping them continue creating original, ground-breaking work in their artistic practice.

Every item is made in trusted British factories, to the highest possible standards for fine, luxury-grade products.

We work closely with our manufacturers to make the colour fastness and wear of our fabrics and wall coverings as good as possible, using innovative techniques to create a finish that’s designed to last.

Each of our fabrics and wall coverings is as unique as the artist who inspired them, created from high quality materials, and an investment in beauty.




About Charlotte

 Charlotte Raffo Owner and Director of The Monkey Puzzle Tree Ltd

Charlotte Raffo is the owner and design director of The Monkey Puzzle Tree.

The Monkey Puzzle Tree emerged from her lifelong love of interiors combined with extensive experience in product development. Her successful career included working on designer collaborations between Liberty and Mamas and Papas, creating innovative fabrics for the brand's luxury range, and developing leather surface patterns and finishes for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton.

An education in Colour Chemistry mixed with a fascination with art, photography, fashion design and making means Charlotte can successfully direct The Monkey Puzzle Tree's artist collaborations, shaping them into unique and dramatic products.

Our Name

The Monkey Puzzle Tree, or Araucaria Arucana, is an evergreen tree native to Chile and endangered there, but thriving in the UK.

Sisters Charlotte Raffo and the monkey puzzle tree

Our name comes from Charlotte's fondness for these intriguing trees. When she was born, her parents planted one in their garden, which grew with her - including eventually producing small, baby trees at the same time that Charlotte had her two children.

The monkey puzzle tree's thick, curved branches and layers of spiked leaves give it a strange yet beautiful appearance, and it can live for up to 1000 years.

The timeless and unusual qualities of the monkey puzzle tree have continuously inspired Charlotte through the years, so it seemed right to honour it with the name of our design studio.

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