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Eccentric eclectic, or industrial minimal...Add some unique style to your home in 2020

February 03, 2020 2 min read

Eccentric eclectic, or industrial minimal...Add some unique style to your home in 2020
Happy New Year! 

Why not try something new and truly unique in 2020? 

Have a browse through our artist designed collection...We pay a generous royalty to support our artists and manufacture everything within 150 miles of our Leeds studio.
Sarah Jane Thornton
Vibrant watercolour pattern adds a fresh punch of modern colour to your home.
 "I look at the things around me for my inspiration, nature, flowers, motifs that brought comfort and beauty into my world.
I want to make things that help people feel better; life can be very harsh, and we all need a little comfort, somewhere to rest our eyes. " Sarah Thornton

Alexis Snell
Handcrafted lino printed designs bring a touch of maximalist glamour to your interior.
“I like things that are a bit dark and strange and I'm always drawn to a good story. A flea market, a late night drunken conversation, an old advert or a matchbox might get me thinking about a new idea." Alexis Snell
Sarah Jane Palmer
Subtle but knowing naughtiness.
"What I love is that I can create design details that a glance could miss, but that a second look might reveal." Sarah Jane Palmer

Joel Weaver
Bringing a unique narrative to monochrome.
"I invite the viewer to study closely, and observe a world where things perhaps are not quite what they seem." Joel Weaver
Drew Millward
Graphic design with a touch of the unexpected

We're excited to be starting 2020 with a new fabric - 'Metamorphosis' linen union, now in stock, and on the website as soon as we've taken the photos! More details to follow...

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like any further information or advice by replying to this email or phoning us on 0113 4503639.

Happy decorating!
Charlotte Raffo