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  • What's behind the design?

    August 08, 2019 1 min read

    What's behind the design?

    In this update we thought we thought you might like to see a few behind-the-scenes images of the work that goes into our unique designs.



    Rita does Jazz original painting by Sarah Thornton
    At The Monkey Puzzle Tree we like to do things a bit differently, eschewing our computers and using original hand crafted artwork, creating our pattern repeats using paper, sellotape and scissors! 

    Sarah Thornton's vibrant 'Rita does Jazz' velvet was created from an original watercolour sketch onto hotel notepad paper. The painting was enlarged, printed out and painstakingly pieced together to make the striking velvet design.
    We created Joel Weaver's 'Between Certainty and Oblivion' linen from two of his incredibly detailed miniature drawings, enlarged, cut into strips and then spliced together.


    Alexis Snell's 'How the Leopard got his Spots' velvet fabric was created from an original linocut print.

    Lino print carving by Alexis Snell for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

    Each colour required a new piece of lino to be carved and painstakingly matched up.

    Lino print for How the Leopard got his Spots velvet by Alexis Snell for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

    Alexis then created multiple prints which we joined together so that each leopard in the finished fabric is slightly different giving an authentic hand made feel to the finished design.

    How the Leopard got his Spots into print by Alexis Snell for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

    The finished fabric looks amazing on curtains, blinds and upholstery.

    It's so satisfying to see the final designs realised on our wallpapers and fabrics, and we can't wait to see how our new range for 2019 turns out!