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Second Design Guild Mark for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

August 03, 2022 2 min read

Second Design Guild Mark for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

🏆 I can't quite believe it, but we've been awarded a Design Guild Mark  for the second year in a row!

The award is for our latest design - 'All Tomorrow's Futures' fabric  created with lino cut artistAlexis Snell.

Award winning English made upholstery and curtain fabric from The Monkey Puzzle Tree

The award recognises the highest standards of British Design and innovation and was judged by six prominent members of the design community including Daniel Hopwood and Professor Clare Johnson.

Design Guild Mark Judging 2022 with Daniel Hopwood and Clare Johnson

'All Tomorrow's Futures'is a joyfully intelligent comment on our place in the world and journey to sustainability, and was specially woven and screen printed for us locally in the North of England.

All Tomorrow's Futures fabric by The Monkey Puzzle Tree climate change and sustainability story

Conceived in lockdown during a phone with artist Alexis Snell, the initial design was sketched out in pencil before being carved into a lino block and printed by hand.

Alexis Snell's studio behind the scenes textile design for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

The fabric was screen printed in three, nature-inspired colourways – Lobster Orange, Ocean Blue and Seaweed Green.



About The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Combining their love of colour and pattern with the unique vision of some of the UK’s most innovative artists, The Monkey Puzzle Tree creates exquisite textiles and wallpapers which bring story, meaning and beauty to interiors. 

The original pieces have a timeless quality which rises above passing trends, ensuring they will enrich an interior with character, authenticity and a quiet sense of rebellion for many years to come.

From their award winning ‘Hit the North’ real cork wallpaper, to their latest fabric which tells a tale of humankind’s impact on our planet , the brand brings a fresh edge to interior design whilst prioritising ethical practices and local manufacturing. 

Each artist is paid a 20% royalty on sales of their designs and all products are manufactured within 100 miles of their Leeds studio.

Awarded 'Best in British Product Design' at the Brit List Awards and a Design Guild Mark for 2021 and 2022.