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Living etc Magazine features The Monkey Puzzle Tree

February 26, 2020 1 min read

Living etc Magazine features The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Thanks so much to Living Etc magazine for featuring our 'Hit the North' real cork wallpaper and 'Disorder in Stasis' designs in their very informative Five Key Takeaways from Surface Design 2020 article:

Meanwhile The Monkey Puzzle Tree showcased the works of several designers from the North of England, including this striking cork design.

Hit the North Cork wallpaper by Drew Millward for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

‘Hit the North’ real cork superwide wall covering, £192/m (130cm wide) available from

The Monkey Puzzle Tree aim to support local communities and minimise the environmental impact of their products, and artists are paid generous royalties for their designs to help them in continue with their creative work.

‘Disorder in Stasis’ is a conceptual triptych wallpaper taken from an original piece of art by Joel Weaver. The original striped artwork for Feldspar was draw by hand by Joel Weaver; each precise line has been drawn by pen, with the fading corresponding to the ink running out and the darker lines indicating where a new pen has been started. The edge detail shows the end of each hand drawn line.

Disorder in Stasis by Joel Weaver for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

‘Disorder in Stasis’