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Three Unique Ways to Style Your Home for Autumn

October 29, 2018 2 min read

Three Unique Ways to Style Your Home for Autumn

With Halloween and Bonfire Night around the corner we show you how to make the best of the cold weather and shorter days by creating a seasonal look in your home.

Spooky Surreal

For those that want something truly different...

Artist Sarah Jane Palmer creates patterns which reveal the unexpected on a closer look. We took inspiration from Sarah, creating a surreal take on the season by keeping to a monochrome palette and adding unusual objects to create an eye-catching look where everything is not as it seems.

Think differently and raid the toy cupboard to find objects for your display- here we used a Darth Vader mask and plastic skull. A vintage chemical bottle and hand made pottery adds depth and interest to the scheme. We kept colour to a minimum and added a pop of colour with the eyeball lights. Using objects which share similar  textures unites the scheme and creates a feeling of continuity.

Wallpaper: 'Maîtrise' by Sarah Jane Palmer

Spooky Surreal Halloween Scene featuring Maitrise wallpaper by Sarah Jane Palmer for The Monkey Puzzle tree


Fireside Glow

This look is perfect to create a cosy maximalist look on dark cold nights.

Against a backdrop of blacks and golds we used an autumnal palette of oranges, yellows and greens taking our inspiration from nature. Seasonal fruit such as quinces, ornamental squashes and apples bring the outside in and are softened with trailing ivy. Metallic glazed vases contrast with the weathered stone bowl creating textural interest, while the soft glow of candlelight warms the scene and reflects on the golds in the wallpaper and accessories.

 Wallpaper: 'Passion Flower' by Alexis Snell

Autumn Halloween styling with Passion Flower Wallpaper by Alexis Snell for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Fresh Nature

Artist Sarah Thornton is inspired by nature and the play of light in the outside world.

We took a leaf out of her book and used bright foliage from the garden with contrast coloured glass, creating wonderful shadows and reflections against the wall in the autumn light.

Further pops of colour were created using seasonal fruit, and nature inspired fairy lights, creating a bright, light and airy autumn feel.

Wallpaper: 'She Chose Science' by Sarah Thornton

She Chose Science Autumn Styling by The Monkey Puzzle Tree


We hope you've found these ideas inspiring - we'd love to hear what you think, please leave your comments below or get in touch