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Shortlisted for an Eco Award!

December 07, 2022 2 min read

Shortlisted for an Eco Award!

🏆 What lovely news! 

We've been shortlisted for the Hotel Designs Eco Award.

 Our 'All Tomorrow's Futures' fabric both celebrates and shows the reality of our natural world, and we've followed this up with a commitment to transparency and producing locally.

Take a second look...

All Tomorrow's Futures Lino printed linen and cotton fabric

 Artist Alexis Snell's expansive narrative print celebrates nature with a twist.

FIocks of birds morph into aeroplanes, whales swim alongside bottles and the smoke from a factory chimney becomes a snake.

All Tomorrows Futures award winning sustainable fabrics from The Monkey Puzzle Tree

To make the cushions we used the waste selvedge trim from the weaving process to create the fringing which would otherwise be wasted:

selvedge waste used as cushion trim

We think it looks amazing on the cushions: 

Blue and cream sustainable cushion

We wanted to follow our design statement with some positive action.

 So we took the decision to be completely transparent by releasing the names of all the mills we use to make every one of our products alongside as much information we have about raw materials, dyes and inks on our website.

Manufacturing textiles in England

Our lovely local mills have told us that they have already benefitted from this publicity by gaining extra customers.

Although it's currently very difficult to make completely sustainable products we believe that encouraging transparency across the industry is the best way to improve standards and hold brands accountable.

About The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Combining their love of colour and pattern with the unique vision of some of the UK’s most innovative artists, The Monkey Puzzle Tree creates exquisite textiles and wallpapers which bring story, meaning and beauty to interiors.

The original pieces have a timeless quality which rises above passing trends, ensuring they will enrich an interior with character, authenticity and a quiet sense of rebellion for many years to come.

From their award winning ‘Hit the North’ real cork wallpaper, to their latest climate change themed fabric ‘All Tomorrrow’s Futures’ , the brand brings a fresh edge to interior design whilst prioritising ethical practices and local manufacturing.

Each artist is paid a 20% royalty on sales of their designs and all products are manufactured within 100 miles of their Leeds studio.

Awarded a Design Guid Mark for Innovation and Excellence in British Design in 2022 and 2021. 'Best in British Product Design' at the Brit List Awards 2021