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And now for something completely different...The story behind 'Disorder in Stasis'

April 30, 2020 2 min read

And now for something completely different...The story behind 'Disorder in Stasis'
Sometimes it's the challenging ideas that leave a lasting impression, staying with you longest...

When artist Joel Weaver told me the story behind the drawing that would later become 'Disorder in Stasis', I knew we had to create something from it, no matter how unconventional.
Disorder in Stasis wallpaper by Joel Weaver for The Monkey Puzzle Tree
The incredible striped drawings shown below, on two enormous A0 (119 x 84cm) pieces of paper were drawn by hand using a pen and ruler for a solo show in Newcastle entitled 'Epistemic Monomania'.

Taking three weeks to complete, there are around 60 hand drawn lines per cm!

As Joel came to the end of each drawn line, he wiped the excess ink from his pen onto two pieces of blotting paper. These seemingly random pieces were to become the large panels for our new design.

The shading of the grey lines in Joel's original work correspond to his pen running out of ink and then starting with a new pen. Many of the lines start of dark at one edge, and then fade as they reach the other side.

We combined these pieces together to create a long roll showing the continuous stripe. It might look regular at first glance, but every single line on this paper is unique.

Disorder in Stasis - Feldspar by Joel Weaver for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

The edge of the paper shows the end of the pen lines with Joel's signature:

Detail from Disorder in Stasis -Feldspar by Joel Weaver for The Monkey Puzzle Tree

The enlarged abstract panels show the intricate detail and mark making, including finger prints and smudges from the original:

Disorder in Stasis Passerine by Joel Weaver for The Monkey Puzzle Tree detail 

You can hear this story in Joel's own words in this YouTube video:

Joel Weaver talks through the unbelievable work behind 'Disorder in Stasis'
'Disorder in Stasis', our triptych wallpaper comprising 2 large panels ('Passerine I and II') and a stripe on a continuous roll ('Feldspar') is available to order from our website, or please get in touch for more information on how to use this unusual paper.

Our previous collaboration with Joel Weaver, 'Between Certainty and Oblivion' linen was featured in the October 2019 issue of Elle Decoration. 

The design was created by enlarging and splicing together two of Joel's miniature drawings, so detailed that they look like photographs. The resulting fabric is both abstract and incredibly detailed, something that you could look at, always finding new elements, for a long time.

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